Fridays After 5: Dead, or Changing?

In June, after the amphitheater was turned over to Coran Capshaw, it was up in the air whether Fridays after 5 would continue. An attempt was made to clear things up, but all that was known that some sort of a free weekly event would continue to happen. After all, why wouldn’t Capshaw want to sell tickets to see prime performers on Friday nights? Now the folks at Charlottesville Downtown Foundation, the creators and operators of the concert series, have declared Friday’s concert to be “the last Fridays After 5 as we know it.” Councilor Blake Caravati says that Fridays isn’t ending, but that the city is just going to “take it to the next level,” while a Capshaw rep. promises that there will be a charitable concert every Friday, although the contract makes no such promise. CDF isn’t so sure that Caravati and Capshaw are going to come through, and so they’re looking for a new venue to carry on the event. In short, nobody’s knows what’s going on. Lisa Provence has the story in this week’s Hook.

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  • whsmith says:

    Why dosen’t someone in this town do a story on the unannounced layoffs at Musictoday in August? What happend? Why were people fired?

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