Students Arrested for Field Trip

Last week, a UVa fiction teacher took 23 students on a field trip to the abandoned Blue Ridge Hospital, by way of inspiration. As the hospital is owned by UVa, they figured they were OK. Not so: a UVa Foundation representative had them arrested for trespassing. Hilarity ensued. Ultimately, UVa persuaded commonwealth’s attorney Jim Camblos to drop the charges, and the students got off with $66 in court fines apiece. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “Students Arrested for Field Trip”

  1. I am curious to see if this story ends up having any legs, media-wise. I know the _Cav Daily_ is doing a story; what I’m wondering is how far it will spread beyond cville. This is just the kind of little news tidbit that folks love to read about the state’s flagship university…

  2. this is go againist the honor code, i mean all of those students are now crimnals.

    yeah that would be interesting.

  3. of the "Razor Wire" case of trespassing – not exactly a parallel but does afford me the opportunity to ask what happened in that case.

    Last I heard the case was scheduled to go to court 29 August and the "City" was perturbed because many city employees were scheduled to testify.

    I lean towards the side of Mrs Presley (sp) primarily because I firmly believe in property rights but would like to know what was decided.

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