Foxfield v. MADD; Friends Now?

Tuesday, the Daily Progress carried a letter by the president of the Central Virginia chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in which he encouraged people to avoid driving on Sunday, when Foxfield will be held, because of the “alcohol consumption at the races and the distressed phone calls we receive annually.” Foxfield president J. Benjamin Dick was none too pleased about this, and tried to get the chapter of MADD shut down for the assertion. It’s well worth nothing that alcohol consumption at the races do make the roads quite unsafe (2001, 2002, 2003), though the problem isn’t in the fall, but in the spring, when college students from across the state descend on the track, oblivious to the presence of horses or, in fact, races. MADD and Dick appear to have worked out their differences — MADD has clarified (but not retracted) the point, and Dick has wisely realized that attacking MADD isn’t the best way to help with Foxfield’s image problem. Julie Stavitski has the story in today’s Progress

6 thoughts on “Foxfield v. MADD; Friends Now?”

  1. First off, I do not like Foxfield. Period! It isn’t the KY Derby. It is just excuse to get drunk with a lot of people. Since this great city of Cville doesn’t have any real outlets for large gathering of drunk people (cept for FaF but that is more ‘family’ oriented) , FF is a great opportunity for drunkers to get drunk. And just maybe watch a horse race or two.

    This is one of the few times I wish a drunk driver would crash into a another drunk driver and cause a drunken car wreck. At least Darwin effect would apply here.

  2. I have little good to say about MADD. They started with good intentions (and we all know where that leads), and have since taken up the flag of abolition. They do this in baby steps, but their purpose is clear. These days, they’re little more than a prudish lobby that wish to legislate away other folks’ freedoms. Bah.

  3. I have no proof or examples but I expect MADD has been responsible for at least a few (one is too many) convictions which were a stretch – or at least there is a tendency in our society to sway justice a little when political pressure is involved. Other than that MADD is probably somewhat inclined to go down the path described by Lafe, I think.

  4. As though the KY Derby isn’t just an excuse to get drunk with a lot of people? The difference being there is just a larger tradition and more money involved at the Derby. The infield at the Derby is almost an exact replica of what happens at Foxfield, only the Derby is justified because it generally receives a full afternoon TV coverage and an extra section in USA Today. I’m not knocking either, both are fun and can be safe with a designated driver. Oh, and if you think FaF is more ‘family’ then you don’t go very often. As someone who lived just off the mall for 11 years I dealt with the drunks every Friday all summer. At least Foxfield is only twice a year, and the fall version is about the same size as a FaF event.

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