Coked-Up Gordonsville Cop Imprisoned

Gordonsville police officer Emerson Brown — who disappeared in October of last year, then reappeared claiming that he’d gone on a mission to hunt down some people who stole his gun, then was fired, then turned out to have just gone on a cocaine bender in Fredericksburg, where he traded his service pistol for drugs — has been sentenced to five years in prison (4.5 suspended), having pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement and another six months (suspended) for making false statements to police. Apparently, the cocaine wasn’t a problem, since that charge was dropped. (“It’s not the cocaine that bothers me…it’s that you lied about it.”) Olympia Meola has the story in today’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Coked-Up Gordonsville Cop Imprisoned”

  1. If this statement in the Progress is true:

    “Brown later confessed that he had used drugs, though no cocaine was found on him, according to Sharp.”

    they probably focused on the more egregious and better-sticking charges to get him to plead guilty, hence why the possession charge was dropped. Also, it seems like obstruction of justice charges are commonly dropped when someone confesses and submits a guilty plea — mind you, I have no data on this and ain’t no lawyer, but it certainly appears to happen with some frequency.

  2. "I have no data on this and ain’t no lawyer, "

    Me too, but I expect if the prosecutor`s case load was lessened by a significant number, there will be fewer instances of plea bargaining. Courts are so backlogged that plea bargains have become a way of life. Takes too much of everbody`s time. Is it Justice? I dunno, but I have noted recent instances ,in major cases ,where there was no plea bargain and the inept prosecutor blew the case – maybe it`s a good thing to have plea bargaining as a trade- off for better prosecutors………………..

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