New TV Stations on Schedule

It seems that all three new TV stations — WCAV (CBS, 19), WVAW (ABC, 16) and WCVL (9) are on schedule for their launch dates, WCAV in six days, WVAW in September, and WCVL in November. WCAV and WVAW, both owned by Gray Communications, have set up offices at the Ix Building, running out of a trailer until their offices there have been built. WCVL have rented the old Charlottesville Broadcasting space in the Market Street parking garage, but are still seeking the funding to get set up. WCAV, the first to launch, won’t have any local news until they get some reporters in September. Elizabeth Nelson had the story in Friday’s Progress.

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  1. This is weird. The domain name has been registered, but not to either of the two guys who own the station. Instead, it appears to have been registered to this address:

    50 North Main Street  
    Harrisonburg, VA 22802

    Which is funny, because that’s the address of WHSV, Grey Communications’ station in the valley. Now, that could have been forged by somebody, except that the domain actually resolves. And the IP that it resolves to is, which is the exact same host that WHSV uses.

    There seems to be little question in the matter: Grey Communications has sniped the domain name of their competition, in blatant violation of both U.S. and international law.

    That’s really lame.

  2. when i google WCVL, i get a page for WCVL AM 1550, an ESPN radio affiliate out of crawfordville, IN. WVAW turns up a radio station at virginia wesleyan college.

    now, i don’t claim to know a lot about radio and TV call letters, but i thought all of them had to be distinctive (i.e. two broadcasters couldn’t have the same call letters).

    is there some kind of deal going on by each station to buy the rights to those handles, or are they just poor planners?

  3. I must admit that I don’t know a great deal about this, either, but I believe that there are altogether different assignment systems for the call letters of television vs. radio, which would explain the overlap.

  4. That’s really lame.

    I’d put it in the sleazy category, actually. Great way to start doing business in Charlottesville!

  5. TV and radio stations can indeed share the same call letters. while the VA Wesleyan radio station is WVAW, the new c’ville TV station will be WVAW-TV. according to what i’ve read, back in the day, many TV and radio stations were owned by the same company, and thus, shared the same call letters, with the "-TV" suffix differentiating the new TV station. that makes sense, as i recall growing up, the CBS affiliate in norfolk was WTAR-TV, as was their radio subsidiary WTAR. later, channel 3 became WTKR, i guess to avoid confusion, or due to the sale of the radio segment of the company.

  6. Paul Fain, from C-Ville Weekly, just e-mailed me to point out that (our) WCVL actually purchased the rights to the call letters from (the other) WCVL. Given what you turned up googling, it’s not clear to me that this was a necessary step, but what do I know? :)

  7. So, where’s WCAV? I didn’t find it on Adelphia’s lineup yet. My understanding is that they are planning to replace WUSA with WCAV, boo! They’ve always had the best Redskins coverage in town, and Gordon Peterson is the best anchor on the East Coast! Why don’t they replace Channel 6 in Richmond – who watches that anyway?

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