Protest Over New Planned Parenthood Office

Last night, a hundred people went to the Albemarle Board of Supervisors to ask that Planned Parenthood be barred from opening a new office on Hydraulic Road, and their request was denied. After a group prayer — which Progress writer David Dadurka writes “went unanswered” — a series of speakers requested that the zoning permit be yanked, preventing the family planning center from providing contraception, birth control, prenatal care, abortions, HIV testing, and other services at the location. They objected to the location, which is a mile from Albemarle High School and on the same street as a pair of churches. The BOS said, simply, that they lack any legal authority to make any such restriction. David Dadurka has the story in today’s Progress.

8 thoughts on “Protest Over New Planned Parenthood Office”

  1. What this reminds me of is cities with restrictions on where sex offenders can live. (Remember that, in Virginia, a sex offender includes anybody who has engaged in oral sex, had sex outside of marriage, or urinated outdoors.) They pass laws that say things like “no sex offender may live within 500 yards of a church, 1500 yards of a school, or 1000 yards of a day care.” What happens is that there is no place at all where sex offenders can live, and they’re driven out of town to be somebody else’s problem. It’s a modern-day, legalistic version of running somebody out of town on a rail.

    These restrictions are, of course, ridiculous, and generally meaningless. You’d be hard pressed to find many non-residential streets in town that don’t feature a church or two, some sort of an educational facility, or some similar organization that would upset people opposed to birth control. To oppose Planned Parenthood’s location because it’s near a high school is particularly silly — that sends exactly the right message: plan parenthood.

    Such nonsense-spouting nuts are best ignored, as the BOS thankfully did in this case.

  2. Hoe does Dadurka know the prayer "went unanswered"? Has the Progress now cultivated sources in the supernatural?

    Perhaps the deity to whom the prayer was offered is thinking about it. Stay tuned.

    Talk about media arrogance!

  3. That crossed my mind but I will continue to think the diety is mulling over it and may cause a reversal (not that I care one way or another – it is a legitimate operation)

    Keep smiling

  4. You’d think the religous nuts(tm) would be happy about this! Its one more building to blow up! Staffed with lots of more people to murder!

  5. i hope every single one of their kids either gets an STD or an unwanted pregnancy b/c they’re too ignorant to accept the fact that PEOPLE WILL HAVE SEX REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT PLANNED PARENTHOOD EXISTS!!! god forbid you should EDUCATE people about having safe sex. oh, no, let’s just tell them not to do it, and everything will work out fine. buncha dumbasses.

  6. "Talk about media arrogance!"

    probably closer to artistic license. lame attempt to add some wit to an otherwise lackluster article.

  7. Yeah, I overloaded that barrage but I get rather po`d at the Progress – I can`t get out of my mind an ad in the Progress a few years ago when they hired someone – the ad didn`t dwell much on journalistic education or experience but rather stressed their need for someone to write "witty" headlines. Gaaaaaaag

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