Metro Going Out of Business

Metro(politain), the restaurant that started it all for the restaurant biz downtown, is closing down in a week. Owners Tim Burgess and Vincent Derquenne, who also own Bizou and Bang!, are ending the restaurant’s 13-year-run due to a decline in business that their 2002 renovation and renaming couldn’t solve. The two report that they’re doing well with their other restaurants, but the large number of restaurants downtown means that something has to go. Metropolitain, after opening in 1991, was so popular and well-reviewed as to kick off the trend of opening fine dining establishments downtown that continues to this day. (C&O Restaurant, to give credit where credit is due, is the granddaddy of them all.) Courteney Stuart and Hawes Spencer have the story in this week’s Hook.

2 thoughts on “Metro Going Out of Business”

  1. hey i remember that place, pretty pricey if I recall! Oh well, it sux to see someone having to close shop.

  2. When I arrived in Charlottesville in 1998, there was little traffic, reasonably priced real-estate and a plethora of delightful eateries.

    ‘Best Places to Live’ rankings are like investment advice: after the real opportunity. Nowadays, cville traffic can be a slice of hell with nowhere to go. To compete with the national chain restaurants, local restauranteurs have resorted to same sub-standard fare at an attractive price. Metropolitain was trendy but especially inconsistent. The latter qualifier, to me, is a mark of a failing cuisine.

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