Progress’ Candidate Profiles: #4-6

In the past few days, Elizabeth Nelson has completed her series of profiles on City Council candidates. Republican Kenneth Jackson, a part-time cook at the Schnitzelhouse, describes himself as a “home grown tomato,” pointing out that he is the only local running for office. Nelson points out that his “familiarity with the details of…city issues has appeared limited,” though Jackson assures that he will for that through education himself. He promises to, if elected, analyze not just the city budget, but actually review and critique a line-item budget for each city department. Republican Ann Reinicke, a resident of Charlottesville for 18 months, decries what she sees as Council’s insular nature and unwillingness to accept outside opinions. She believes that her community involvement would make her a good addition to Council. Notably, she clarifies in this interview that she believes that creationism has no place in science class, but does not think that schools should be banned from teaching cultural beliefs. (Which they’re not, and there appears to be no threat of.) Finally, Nelson wrote about Democratic incumbent Kevin Lynch, who is finishing up his first four-year term on Council. Lynch, known as a neighborhood activist, says that he is not done with the work that he set out to do on Council, and would like another four years to continue his work on matters pertaining to sustainability and transportation.

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