Louisaonline.com: Police Chief Discussion Hotspot

Ever since Louisa chief of police John Wilson was arrested on Thursday, Louisa Online has found itself a hotspot of activity, as Wilson has used the site’s discussion board to defend himself against charges that he assaulted Sgt. Robert Rigsby Jr. one month ago. Site operator Amy Collier reports that the site has gone from receiving about 30 posts per day to around 130. Braxton Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

15 thoughts on “Louisaonline.com: Police Chief Discussion Hotspot”

  1. Go to page 4of louisaonline.com to get some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen or heard!

    It was so good it made Paul Harvey, tell the rest of the story.

    The one liners and insults reminded me of some Springer show.

    Kinda quite now, if you’re not old enough to drive you have to put text in your messages and are required to put thought into your postings.

    Oh well, I’m sure on February 3rd things will get fired up again!

  2. I dont think the link to this site was made so that Louisa’s bored youth could come and harrass C’Ville. And I certainly didnt place Waldo’s link in a post so that ppl could bug the hell outta him with needless comments and questions about senseless junk. Im sending apologizes to any and all who will no doubt be offended by a bunch of bored Louisa kids. I enjoy posting brainless comments on our boards here in Louisa because they think it’s informative I would guess. Im thinking the school system needs to make a plan as to how to keep these children busy with studies and not bother other counties or even their own county with mindless insights and useless comments.

    Ruthie dear.. if you are that interested in bloodlines between two ppl, might I suggest you ask over on LoL’s message boards and not bother these ppl here with them.

  3. " I enjoy posting brainless comments on our boards here in Louisa because they think it’s informative I would guess."


    Is supose to read…… WHO…. am very sorry for that..

  4. well, I for one welcome any new posters that can contribute to the our lively site called Cvillenews.

    We don’t mind infact some of us are getting tired of the same old blah blah blah.

  5. I can’t speak for Waldo personally, but I am thinking some of the reg’s here dont want to have to deal with a bunch of kids posting what they(the kids) believe to be standing up for something or to something. You havent seen attitude from me young one.. Im somewhat infamous for it on LoL. But considering your age and for the fact that seldom does youthful convictions mean much, I’ll just do what Ive pretty much done to the kindergarteners over at LoL, ignore you.

  6. for a second there I couldn’t understand why you kept on saying LOL (lingo for Laugh Out Loud) then I realized you were talking about Louisaonline.

    that deserves a LOL.

  7. Waldo do you want mindless postings here?

    If somebody’s got something of merit to say about each topic at hand, heck yeah. The more mind-ful, the better, of course. :)

  8. Hey Imdaman3, you seem to know alot about council members. Wanna help oust Louisa town council? They are the true problem here in Louisa! Some ppl on Lol have talked about a recall. Is that possible? 2 seats are up this year anyway. Remember I’m not old enough to drive so I have to be inventive!

  9. It is amazing isn’t it?!?!..lol the county is still a bit behind, but is slowly comein up in the new age.

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