2003 Wettest Year on Record

It’s official: as of today, there have been 72.88 inches of precipitation in Charlottesville in 2003, which is the greatest amount in the history of observations at McCormick Observatory. Our other record is that it has rained during 158 days thus far this year, putting us well beyond the old record of 146. Thanks to Ricky Patterson of McCormick Observatory for the news.

8 thoughts on “2003 Wettest Year on Record”

  1. I thought that it was clear enough that it’s for McCormick Observatory, but I added "in Charlottesville" to that first sentence, since it plainly is not, in fact, clear enough. :)

  2. “I thought that it was clear enough that it’s for McCormick Observatory…”

    Not to mention the eponymous website on which the story was posted.

  3. Oh no!!, The reservoir is going to overflow! We need to build a dyke around it now to protect the citizens from this impending disaster! We need funding!!!

  4. "We need to build a dyke around "


    Oh oh – Freudian slip?/Poor PC speak?/Insensitivity?/ or only poor spelling?

    Or perhaps a solution I don`t understand?

  5. Poor spelling. Dike, Levee, whatever.

    I don’t think anyone thought I intended to pile homosexual women around the banks of the reservoir. At least I HOPE no one thought that.

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