Meadowcreek Debate Gets Weird

Any time that Republican City Councilor Rob Schilling finds himself in the majority on a split vote, things ain’t right at City Hall. City Council is looking to sell 9.2 acres of McIntire Park to VDOT, in order to create the Meadowcreek Parkway, but long-time Parkway-foes Mayor Maurice Cox and Councilor Kevin Lynch refuse to support the sale. In a recent press release, the two argue that four conditions were established by Council in 2000 under which they would agree to sell the land, and that none of them have been met. The Council majority, in a dueling press release, argues that those conditions “is either in place or continues to be negotiated,” and that the Parkway is “essential to the long-term economic viability of Charlottesville.” The reason that this split is important is that, under the Virginia Constitution, three-fourths of Council must agree to sell the land, or four members in total. In an effort to circumvent this, the majority on Council is seeking to essentially give away the land, rather than sell it, thus ducking the supermajority requirement. The subtext to all of this is that Vice Mayor Meredith Richards is up for reelection in May, as is Cox and Lynch. However, the most active Charlottesville Democrats, the ones that show up at the nomination convention, tend to be strongly anti-Parkway, and it appears that Richards’ position is endangering her ability to gain the nomination to run again. Liz Nelson has the story in the Daily Progress.

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