Traffic Light at Peter Jefferson Place

Man@Work writes: I have been commuting to C’ville for 5 years coming in from Interstate 64 West. Coming off the ramp onto 250 up to Pantops has never been enjoyable during rush hour. Now however, with the new traffic light at Peter Jefferson Place area the traffic is a complete nightmare. This morning I sat for ~20 minutes waiting to get off the exit ramp onto 250. Once on 250 and past the lights at Peter Jefferson’s traffic light the traffic evaporated. I cannot be the only commuter that has witnessed this, nor the only one put out by traffic tie up as a result of this new light. How does one open a dialogue with the county about this traffic nuisance?

When I drive back into town from Blacksburg, that’s how I usually get off of 64, and I have been similarly baffled by the placement of this light.

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