Camblos Drops Charges

cornelious writes: “Just as the involuntary manslaughter trial of a University of Virginia professor began Tuesday, it ended with charges dropped because the prosecutor (Camblos) in the case did not subpoena a medical witness.” See the Daily Progress , 10 Sep 03 , for details about this sad story.

If memory serves, Jim Camblos has fumbled cases in a similar fashion at least a couple of times before. Camblos is running unopposed for reelection this November.

4 thoughts on “Camblos Drops Charges”

  1. Was Dylan Tyree one of the cases he screwed up? My memory is vague, but I know there are people reading this who would remember details.

    At any rate, it looks like somebody’s tying his bow-ties a little too tight. What a fuckup.

    And please note, for the record, that the censor still allows "fuckup."

  2. I believe the law allows for suits against a lawyer for incompetence but I guess that doesn`t

    apply to elected officials. The family of the victim must be besides themselves with frustration and grief but perhaps they may sue in civil court for unlawful death or something (could they bill Camblos for that?). Question to mind is can Camblos make some sort of very weak amends by charging the alleged perpetrator in civil court? Probably not.

    In Camblos` defense he may have been too busy trying to bring charges against the deputy who is a victim of, as someone once characterized it, a "hate crime". He did state, as I recall, that was a priority ( or words to that effect).

    The man can`t do everything. I guess it is to our benefit he doesn`t try.

  3. Your ignorance is frightening. It’s apparent that you don’t have a damn clue about any of the facts of the case. So I suggest, unless you could have done a better job prosecuting that murdering little bastard, keep your dumbass opinions to yourself.

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