Police Shooting of Frenchman Looking Sketchy

The Daily Progress has included extensive daily updates on the cases of the Frenchman shot by Albemarle County police officer J.M. Fields last Sunday, each driving home the main problem with Officer Fields’ claim, which centers around his user of a Taser. Officer Fields says that he Tasered Raimond Riviere, who then recovered and took the Taser from Fields. Fields then shot Raimond in self-defense. Raimond’s attorney, defense-lawyer-about-town Deborah Wyatt, contends that her client never touched the Taser. A brochure for the Advanced Taser M26 (PDF) says that the suspect injury rate after being Tasered was just 1.6%, and that “no deaths have ever been directly attributed to the Taser.” In apparent conflict with this, the Albemarle County Police Department only allows the use of deadly force in defense of anybody in immediate danger of serious physical harm or death. The Virginia State Police are investigating, and they will turn over their findings not to Albemarle commonwealth’s attorney Jim Camblos, but to Goochland’s commonwealth’s attorney. Raimond remains in the hospital, having been shot twice in the chest, once in the liver, and once in the hand. Claudia Pinto has the story in today’s Progress.

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