PEC’s “Clarion” Opposes Sprawl

Homes throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County have recently received a four page newspaper-styled anti-growth mailing, entitled “The Albemarle County Clarion,” released by the Piedmont Environmental Council. The first of a few planned mailings on the topic, The Clarion describes itself as “sounding the alarm” on growth, warning of “the suburbanization of the rural area” in the county. The publication argues that sprawl can be stopped, and that preservation of rural areas is necessary, pointing out that county zoning plans for 50,000 new homes and 120,000 new people in Albemarle. Developer Wendell Wood says that the publication is factually inaccurate, and Chamber of Commerce president Timothy Hulbert dismisses it as a fund-raising piece. Given all of the developments planned in Albemarle, it’s clear that dramatic change is the plan for Albemarle; is this a bad thing? Are efforts to end growth a good idea? David Dadurka has the story in today’s Progress.

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