Blair Hawkins to Fight Windmill

Jack writes: Local Republican Blair Hawkins says that he intends to run against Mitch Van Yahres for Delegate, despite that fact that he missed the deadline to officially file his candidacy. Stating that “The campaign is far from over,” Hawkins explains that he missed the deadline because he was out of town working as a lighting technician for weddings. In a separate statement, he has offered that he was unaware of the deadline because he has not checked his email in several weeks. Hawkins intends to deliver a nomination speech at the Republican mass meeting on June 2 at McIntire Park. 06/03 Update: Hawkins bowed out at last night’s Republican mass meeting.

Press Release:

May 29, 2003

The Hawkins campaign for House of Delegates 57th District continues.

“I will be at the Republican mass meeting Monday June 2, 6 pm, at McIntire Park. I will deliver my nomination speech and/or hand out copies of the speech to those interested. The speech will explain the reasons I have to run.

A political ad will appear in the Public Notices section of the Daily Progress classifieds for one week beginning Friday May 30. The campaign is far from over.

I failed to file by the deadline for the Republican Convention because I have been working out of town and very long hours the last few weeks as lighting techinician for weddings and big tent parties. I simply missed the newspaper with the announcement that came just one week before the convention.

I look forward to a stimulating campaign over the summer. The incumbent Mitch Van Yahres will have opportunities to explain why he opposes the Fifth Amendment and supports Urban Renewal.”

Blair Hawkins

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