Garrett Square Redone, Renamed

The Garrett Square housing complex in downtown Charlottesville has never been known as a particularly great place to live, despite many residents’ fierce defense of what they feel are its many fine attributes. That appears to be changing. New owners (Piedmont Housing Alliance and the National Housing Trust-Enterprise Preservation Corp.) have bought the complex from its former Atlanta-based owner, and they’re overhauling each unit, having already installed a computer lab with high-speed Internet access. The residents have even selected a name for themselves: Friendship Court. Courteney Stuart has the story in this week’s Hook.

45 thoughts on “Garrett Square Redone, Renamed”

  1. The new name is ‘Friendship Court’? That is so totally gay. Next, they should rename South Street, ‘Sunshine & Fuzzy Kittens Avenue.’ Altamont Street should be ‘Sharing ‘n’ Caring Circle.’

    Gay, gay, gay.

    Did I mention that it’s gay?

  2. Oh, you didn’t mean either of those? Then I’ll have to assume you were using it as slang to mean "lame". Congratulations on offending every gay visitor to this site, as well the straight people who believe it’s wrong to be discriminated against based on who you love.

  3. i guess city council thinks a fresh coat of paint and a new, PC name is going to erase the stigma of charlottesville’s premier "housing project".

    i wonder if our taxes are going to go up to cover the cost of the paint?

  4. i wonder if our taxes are going to go up to cover the cost of the paint?

    Since the purchasers are both private, non-profit organizations, I wouldn’t worry about your taxes. City Council has no involvement here. And the name, however silly it may sound, was chosen by the residents themselves.

  5. I believe the city does contribute $$ to the Piedmont Housing Alliance and the National Housing Trust probably gets federal grants so your tax dollar are supported the remodeling of Garrett Square. I could be wrong, given that I am trying to recall off the top of my head, but I don’t think I am.

  6. Sorry,

    but recently the word ‘gay’ means lame in lingo urban terms. Like for instance, American Idol is gay. I know that not everyone on the show is a homosexual but for the sake of agruement that show is lame.

    Yet, I always wonder if homosexuals are saying "Hey, that show is sucks it is really straight."

  7. "Bust a cap your a$$ Square"

    "Drug Dealers R Us"

    "Da Hood Square"

    "Other Side of Town"

    "No Man Land"

    oops I need some sensative learning classes

  8. Not going to make any judgments on whether or not you need sensitivity training…

    However, most of the "other choices" you mentioned, do, unfortunately, portray a large part of the Garrett Square image. While "Friendship Court" may sound a little cheesy, I applaud the residents for making the first of hopefully many steps at revamping their image.

  9. Oh, gimme a break and get over it. Every time someone bashes conservatism on this site I don’t claim to be "offended", I just get angry and go shoot a few dozen rounds in the back yard (it’s very theraputic.). There is a difference. Being "offended" is what wimps do instead of kicking the ass of someone who deperately deserves it. If this guy angers you, then meet him out back for a duel or something. But Geeze, can we stop being "offended" all the time?

    Point is – "gay" has a slew of meanings, most are slang, and homosexuals don’t own that word. Regardless, I think you know what he meant and simply decided to post a trivial response to a trivial post.

    Personally, now that it’s been renamed I think I’ll hang out down there nights and weekends. I’ve been waiting for the name change for some time, and it’s finally happened.

  10. "Political Correctness" offends the crap out of me, and I bet you wouldn’t jump to my defense.

    Riddle me this – if something is popular doesn’t it by default inherit a certain degree of legitimacy? Isn’t right and wrong decided by the majority at any given point in time? And, I’l be willing to bet your next paycheck that the majority of people don’t give a rat’s buttocks about the usage of the word "gay."

  11. I too applaud people trying to take control and better their surroundings.

    But the decent folks who live down there need to start policing themselves and letting the thugs and dealers know that they are not welcome there any more. A name change is cosmetic and symbolic, but only if it’s backed by real action can anything really make a difference.

    There are real examples of communitied turning around and having a true fresh start – but these examples all involve extensive community involvement. Citizen patrols, etc. A group of people parading around with a cell phone and a flashlight is one hell of a deterrent. Criminals hate attention, and they will leave if people start shining the light on them. There is incredible strength in numbers. No amount of police can take a community back from the brink. The force has to come from within.

    But, if the thugs leave the Garret area, where will they go? Belmont?

  12. "No Man Land" — Hahahahahahaha!

    (I’m just playin’, ladies. You know I love you.)

  13. By a *weekly*????

    I mean, I know they *used* to write about the Garrett sale/renovation, but have they done it in the last, oh, 10 months? (I honestly don’t know. I haven’t read the paper in some time.)

    Is anyone over there even covering the city anymore? I mean, besides writing about the new gerbil in Ms. Olson’s fourth grade class and how, like, apple pie is good?


  14. As a NYC hipster indie-rocker, I can confirm that we urban types do use the word "gay" to mean lame. Moreover, it’s (usually) understood when you say it that you’re not using it in the homophobic sense.

    I personally say it in a way that is a combination of ironic and retro. Oh, and meta.

  15. "Political Correctness" offends the crap out of me"

    Right on Mmike. We have reached the point if one speaks english one offends half the population, if not all, at one time or another.

    I say PC stinks and I say to hell with it. A lot like broccoli.

  16. For Friendship Court residents, one of the best things about the project is that it won’t cost them a dime. Instead, a partnership of government and private organizations is picking up the tab.

    you were saying?

  17. Yes, I would actually jump to your defense — I’m sick of PC bullshit as much as anyone. If you met me, you’d know that I am not interested in calling blacks “African American” or Hispanics “Latino/a” or short people “height challenged”. But I’m also sick of this complete acceptance of it being OK to use a word maligning gays in everyday speech. If you’re a complete homophobe, fine; that I can accept because you’re intolerant and expressing that. A lot of people use “faggot” as a cuss word synonymous with “asshole”, and those are the same people that I can understand using “gay” in this context. But if you’re using it just because it’s popular and don’t hate gays, what’s your excuse?

    I don’t have any way to poll “the majority of people” (I’m assuming you mean in the country), but perhaps you do or know where to find such research. If so, let us know the results. I’d welcome having Waldo set up a poll and see what readers think, but this may not be the appropriate venue.

    Lynchings used to be popular. Slavery used to be popular. Slaughtering Jews and other dissidents was popular in Germany 60 years ago. Now violence is a popular way for young people to solve their problems in this country. All very legitimate, by your standards. But right? Not according to every major religious work and code of ethics.

  18. The progress wrote front-page stories on Garrett Square in August when the groups came together after the city gave $500,000 toward the project and in the fall after the management company was officially chosen. It did run a story on the new name Wednesday.

  19. On Wednesday, like as a catchup story after the Hook came out? Eh. Better late than never, I guess. At least, like, the Observer didn’t get it first.

    My point was that getting beat by a weekly is a particular shame, since as a daily you have seven chances a week to do a story before they even publish again.

    The August stories are good to know about, though. And now that it’s almost August again, it’s good to see the issue getting some renewed attention.

  20. Thanks, darling. I take it all back, then. (I got its publication date confused with that of the other free thing.)

    Everyone at the Progress is doing a bangup job, then, and I would never suggest otherwise. Particularly covering the city and UVa. Nooooo problems there. Your username seems appropriate. (As does mine, but that’s another story for another venue.)

  21. will y’all shut’cher flanholes and get back to the arguement at hand??? that being how gay this story is.

  22. I think that the language made the original post anything but trivial, and I was certainly not being petty in my response. A tad sarcastic, yes, but not petty. I think this is a perfect example of how prejudice infects everyday language, and I was expressing my opinion about that. Social change doesn’t come from shooting off a few rounds in the backyard. Just “getting over” intolerance is as bad as being ignorant about it in the first place.

    If were an in-person interaction and not the Internet, would you really be kicking the ass of everyone who “desperately deserves it” in your book? Committing acts of violence against people who have done nothing to you personally except disagree with your opinion… sounds familiar… pick a dictatorship, any dictatorship!

  23. The story is not “gay” but offends many.

    I disagree.

    The story is not gay, but it is “gay.”

    (Where quotation marks = meta-ness.)

  24. Hey dipshit, the topic is the renaming of Garrett Square not homos. Relax!

  25. I’m sorry; did I insult you personally? No? Then why are you calling me names? Looks like you should take your own advice. Threads evolve; deal with it.

  26. You said: Isn’t right and wrong decided by the majority at any given point in time?

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll grant you that timely popularity may make it legal or illegal, but Right and Wrong are timeless. If you have a conscience, it knows what that is.

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