Finally, Competiton for Sprint

mom133d writes: I recently saw an ad on one of the D.C. stations that AT&T local service was here. This morning I visited AT&T Local Service and plugged in my 22903 zip code. They say the service is available here. Woo hoo!

Our local phone service with Sprint was once bizarre — back in the early ’90s, before long distance companies offered local service, Sprint bought Centel (Central Virginia Telephone), and they’ve been the only game in town for home service ever since.

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  1. Their DSL service is excellent. Even has good tech support. It’s almost like they’re not the same company at all. In my experience, at least.

  2. Thier DSL service is TERRIBLE and costly. They tried to rip us off by installing 4 of the DSL connectors in the house even though we clearly were wired for a network. Then they told my roommate (i wasn’t home) that what he did wasn’t needed since we had CAT5 though out the wall. Then they charged us $250 for that. Since I happen to know more then the average person about computers, we got that charge lifted.

    Secondly, we decided we had enought paying $60 a month extra so we went with cable internet. Sprint CHARGED us $100 for a disconnection fee. Yet if we decided to get rid of Alphedia there would be ZERO charge.

    The tech support blows too. I was on the phone telling two different people how to do THEIR jobs.


  3. I got out of my dsl contract. They tried the $100 thing with me but I told them there was a terrible echo on my line ever since they installed DSL. They didn’t argue and promptly waived the fee. Their service sucks.

  4. Just a quick note…I also sent this to a mailing list I’m on and got a response that they couldn’t find a place to enter a zip. Since I communicate soley by cell phone now (that’s how much I love Sprint) I selected Brand New Service on the local home service page.

    It also appears that if you enter a current phone number, it says service is not available here. Hmmm…wonder what gives.

  5. i have DSL through nTelos and have been very happy with it. they use sprint’s lines, but it’s all nTelos servers. i used to have a cable modem through adelphia, and the connection speed was too variable for me. plus i have a dedicated IP now, which adelphia cannot provide.

    but i agree. if AT&T is in fact coming to c’ville, that would be super. maybe sprint’s stranglehold will finally let up a little.

  6. i just tried to get more information about my local service availability. i put in my address, and after about a minute of searching, it matched my new address with their "local service records". however, what i got was an address on montgomery street, zip code 24134, and a list of 5 available "540" area code numbers.

    somehow i don’t think this rumor is all it’s cracked up to be, sadly.

  7. Sounds like I may have been lucky.

    Installation I did more or less myself, though they sent out a tech. He was a phone tech, not a computer tech, and got lost on the computer when it deviated from his installation checklist (I helped him out).

    The connectivity is almost always there for me, and I have rarely gotten slowdowns or outtages. Though there have been a couple. I got an external modem, which has been nice. I had the guy hook it up to a single computer, and once he was gone I went and hooked everything up to my network.

    Every time I’ve used their tech support since (three or four times over the last 3 years), I’ve gotten someone who at least had a basic understanding of networking, and always got my problem resolved. Once it was a filter going bad on our line, and they had a guy at our house the next morning to replace it. (I do pay for lineguard, which covers our DSL and phone line. Costs a buck or two a month, I think.)

    Oh, and I pay $42/month for it, not $60. But then, I signed on at that rate soon after it was first available.

    Your experience with them sounds more like my experience with the local telephone side of Sprint.

  8. If you go to this page, and click the “Continue” button under “Brand New Service Requests”, then it gives you a chance to put in a zip code.

    Which comes back for me and says that service is available.

    But if I try it using the phone number thingy on that same page, it says “Sorry”.

    Maybe one of us should give ’em a call. :)

  9. I followed Lafe’s link (using 22901) and filled out their little form, waited, and then got a page that said (basically) "sorry, we can’t find anything for you right now, call us."


  10. I pay $106 a month total for Adelphia Powerlink w/ Digital cable with every channel available, inc. all pay movie channels.

    You save a lot with Adelphia when you bundle all their services together, and they offer cheap long distance (no monthly fee) as well.

    All things considered, this makes Adelphia a much better buy when compared to spending $60 a month just on DSL from Sprint.

    We got so sick of Sprint telling us our payment was late and threatening to disconnect us (we normally mail our payments well in advance of due date) that I called them and said, "Fine. Disconnect me." We then got two Alltel cell phones instead, and have been happier since.

    Cell phones are surprisingly affordable when you ditch your home phone. We have 1000 anytime minutes each, and sure we pay a little more than we normally paid Sprint but the convenience of the cell is worth the small premium.

    Ditch Sprint as fast as you can.

  11. You actually can get local TOLL service in Charlottesville, but you have to pay $.08/min. YOu can find it on their web page by clicking on the College Link/Off-Campus. I guess this is what the original poster was talking about. Shucks! Sprint sucks!

  12. Ok, I gave them a call.

    AT&T Local service is available here.

    It is subject to a credit check, which should only determine whether or not you have to make a deposit to get it. They are not currently offering DSL access here, but plan to in the future.

    So, it’s not a hoax, or a mistake. Just their webpage doohickey is wonky. And the guy said he’d have someone look into that.

  13. BNSI just announced thier 8 yr anniversary pricing for residence of $39.95 a month. It still costs $145 to install.

    Also-Do nt hold your breath fro AT&T to come to town. Their local service has not hit Richmond in mass yet thus cville is years away.

  14. I would consider that, but they would have to waive the $145 fee for install.

  15. The guy tried to sell me local service with call waiting and forwarding for ~$22/month.

    I told him until they were offering DSL in this area, I probably wouldn’t be too interested in switching.

  16. Oh, and he alluded to lots of package deals if you do long distance/wireless through them as well, but I didn’t investigate further.

    I was just trying to confirm or deny. :)

  17. Same here. I’ve had both nTelos and Sprint DSL over the years and both have been peachy. Both tech supports were excellent on the extremely rare occasion, even from my perspective of above-average computer knowledge, and their costs are comparable. I don’t prefer one over the either, both are great.

    Adelphia isn’t in the picture for me because I don’t have cable, so it would cost too much to get, and couldn’t do the things I need it to do anyhow.

  18. They can not. It is a straight pass thru from Sprint but does include the router. They apparently get dinged pretty good by Sprint to set-up the local line for DSL

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