No 4th of July Celebration?

For many years, the Jaycees ran the Charlottesville Independence Day celebration, ensuring that fireworks, music, and picnics happened on the 4th of July each year. A few years ago, they decided to stop doing it, and it was rescued by a couple of generous citizens who ponied up the not-insignifant sum of money to make it happen. From there, the Charlottesville Downtown Foundation took it over, and ensured that the tradition carried on. Now CDF cannot afford the $20,000 to spend on it, and the city doesn’t have the money, either. WINA has the story. So, cvillenewsers, how do we make the 4th of July happen in C’ville? 05/15 Update: The Progress has a story with more details. Tom Powell is seeking corporate donations — $7,000 down, $13,000 to go.

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