7 thoughts on “Albemarle Supes Approve Budget”

  1. $218.1 Million? What on earth are they buying? We’re barely more than a town. With a population of 45,000 thats $4846 for every man woman and child in the city.

    Is that absurd to anyone else? Or is it just me?

  2. This is the Albemarle budget, not the Charlottesville budget. Albemarle has a population of 81,000, or expenses of $2,692 per person. It’s worth noting that the county has a per capita income of $28,852.

  3. Although you got it wrong – yes, they are in a way, buying part of a town. It`s called Charlottesville which discriminates against County residents by charging them more for certain services although County residents contribute to those services via the tax route.

  4. My favorite part is that whenever Albemarle increase taxes it hurts the index that the state use to determine a counties or cities ability to pay. Thus because of our high revenues Albemarle gets to pay more local tax so we can get less from the state.

  5. Worse yet, we have to pay extortion money to the City in the form of "revenue sharing" – what the hell kind of pseudo socialist crap is THAT? :)

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