Find ‘Em In the Library First

Jefferson Madison Regional Library, because they’re just cool like that, has made a bookmarklet in the LibraryLookup format that allows people to easily see if a book is available at the library. When you’re on a book-related site (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, whatever), before you buy the book, you can use this bookmarklet (which is basically a bookmark that does something interesting) to see if you could just check it out instead of buying it. Just drag this link: [Library Lookup] to the toolbar at the top of your browser to activate it on your system. For example, if you were looking at my mother’s book on Amazon, you could click on the LibraryLookup bookmarklet to query JMRL’s catalog for it, and you’d discover that it’s checked out at Gordon and Central, but available at Northside and Louisa. Save money, make use of the library, try the LibraryLookup bookmarklet. Full disclosure: I represent Charlottesville on the Board of Trustees for JMRL.

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