I-64 Westbound Blocked

silkyzephyr writes: The police blocked off I-64 westbound (Friday 2:30pm). The resulting detoured traffic backed up Route 250 for six miles. I know this because I drove that far east looking for an alternative route back into C’ville, after shopping at Giant on Pantops. Ended up almost at Zion Xroads, turning south and then coming back past Monticello. What happened today on I-64?

2 thoughts on “I-64 Westbound Blocked”

  1. I heard on WNRN that a large tractor-trailer wreck, involving some casualties, has caused police to close I-64 West near where it crosses the Rivanna River. More news on this will probably follow on NBC 29, Regress, etc.

  2. According to channel 29, the road should be open now, but one of the tractor-trailers that went off the road may need to be moved with a crane, closing down the road again.

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