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Tracey Linkous sent out an e-mail this morning regarding an unusual missing persons case, which I feel compelled to reproduce here. Owen Young — who is known locally for his involvement with the Rotary Club, the Unitarian Church, the Company of Friends, the United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, volleyball coaching and lots of other stuff — has been missing since January 1st. Friends, family and police are trying to find out what’s going on, of course. Keep reading for Tracey’s full e-mail to get more information, and you can also see a picture of Owen.

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 17:25:11 -0500
From: Tracey Linkous
Subject: Have you seen Owen Young?

This is not a “Where’s Waldo”, but indeed an earnest request for information to the whereabouts of Owen Young based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many of his friends and family are concerned as he has not been seen or heard from since January 1, which is highly unusual. No return phone calls from home/work or cell, no return emails, he has missed appointments, and his neighbors have not seen him recently.

The Albemarle County police are now involved, and together we are searching for information from anyone who can help us find Owen. Through this grassroots effort, we are hoping to learn he is okay.

Owen drives a burgundy/dark red VW Passat with the license plate VACoach. He Is involved in a local chapter of the Rotary, Unitarian Church, Charlottesville Company of Friends, United Way Board, International Coaching Federation, National Center for Non Profit Boards, Girls Volleyball Coaching through Albemarle County, the Charlottesville Fatherhood Initiative, the Chamber of Commerce, and many other groups.

We would sincerely appreciate any information any one can offer to help us locate Owen. Attached is a picture of Owen. I can be reached at the following numbers: 434-817-2394 / 434-242-5886 / 434-974-1557. And via email at mailto:Tracey@caar.com.

Warm regards,

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  1. The email link to Tracey in the post is messed up.

    That being said, I’m sure now I’ll be taking an extra look at all red VW’s.

  2. Tracey just posted this update to the Neon Guild Mailing list:

    Subject: Owen Young Update -- still missing, sightings of car, PLEASE read
    Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 22:33:34 -0500
    From: "Tracey Linkous"

    To everyone in and around the Charlottesville area and
    especially to those friends of Owen C. Young, I am passing
    on the following information from the family of Owen Young
    regarding the latest on his whereabouts:

    "As of this morning (Friday, January 10, 2003), my father,
    Owen C. Young, was listed in the NCIC/FBI Missing Persons
    Data Base as endangered.

    As of this evening (Friday, January 10, 2003), there have
    been 4 reports of my father's car (Owen drives a
    burgundy/dark red VW Passat with the license plate VACoach)
    in the Charlottesville area between Monday & Wednesday of
    this week, 2 considered very reliable. One report had the
    driver as a black male.

    There was also an attempt made this morning to use one of
    his credit cards. Because the transaction was declined, the
    computer did not log the location. For this reason, the
    police will be updating the media bulletin for the 11 PM
    news, and they have upgraded from the NCIC Database to a
    national broadcast to law enforcement to locate him and his

    Detectives have returned to my fathers apartment this
    evening and have gotten search warrants for his computer,
    email telephone & cell phone records. They have promised to
    update me as soon as any development has occurred. They will
    also be contacting my uncle in Hoboken, New Jersey, as he
    has offered a reward for information.

    Please let everyone who has offered help and who has helped
    that my family & I do truly appreciate the support. Today
    has been terribly busy & I just haven't had time to make all
    the calls & contacts that I had hoped."

    Jackie (Owen's daughter)

    As everyone by now knows, Owen has not been seen or heard
    from since January 2, 2003. Please pray for a swift and safe
    return of our dear friend. If you need a photo of Owen, let
    me know and I will send one to you. Contacts for information
    on possible sightings should be made to the following
    Albemarle County Police involved in this case:

    Sgt. James Bond: 296-5874 or cell: 981-2097/ Pager: 923-4861.
    Detective Kuykendall: 293-0280
    Detective Sergeant Schwertfeger: 296-5813, cell: 962-2865 pager: 961-1472
    Lt. John Parrent: 296-5848, Cell: 981-1888, pager: 972-8847.

  3. The Daily Progress reports that Mr. Young’s automobile has been found in the parking lot at Dulles International Airport. There are no clues reported suggesting that he left by choice or by force.

  4. If he didn’t go to the airport with the intention of leaving, chances are he didn’t leave. If the airlines verify that he didn’t, that makes this is a saddening clue. A long term parking lot is a great place to dump a car you dont want to be found for a while.

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