Progress’ Top 10 Stories of 2002

The Daily Progress has assembled their listing of the top ten stories of 2002. These are, in no particular order: the drought, the state budget shortfall, the loss of Technicolor, the CHS/UVa attacks, UVa’s #2 finish, the Republicans’ Council victory, the ongoing Browns Schools saga, the Ivy Road parking garage fight, closing of the Jefferson School and the accusation of sexual abuse against and subsequent resignation of a local priest. What stories do you think were particularly big this year?

2 thoughts on “Progress’ Top 10 Stories of 2002”

  1. I think that, within our own little world of self-professed-intellectual hyper-informed media-analysisness, the C-Ville Weekly / Hook split was a fairly big happenin’. (Heck, it’s still happening; witness C-Ville’s swipe at The Hook in this week’s issue.) Hardly the sort of thing that more than a handful of Progress readers would care about, but of note around these parts.

  2. The Danielson/Rolph splitup was in the news quite a bit.

    Though I read about Technicolor closing, I don’t remember much newspaper/radio/TV coverage.

    What makes something a *big* story?

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