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Progress’ Top 10 Stories of 2002

The Daily Progress has assembled their listing of the top ten stories of 2002. These are, in no particular order: the drought, the state budget shortfall, the loss of Technicolor, the CHS/UVa attacks, UVa’s #2 finish, the Republicans’ Council victory, the ongoing Browns Schools saga, the Ivy Road parking garage fight, closing of the Jefferson School and the accusation of sexual abuse against and subsequent resignation of a local priest. What stories do you think were particularly big this year?

UVa Apologizes to WVU for Pep Band

UVa’s beleaguered pep band has found themselves in hot water after a performance at Saturday’s Cavs vs. West Virginia University’s Mountaineers game that portrayed UVa’s opponents as hillbillies. Their halftime show was a spoof of the TV show “The Bachelor,” presented to the theme song of the “Beverly Hillbillies,” with an overall-wearing woman representing WVU in the faux competition. The spectacle resulted in hundreds of complaints, prompting an apology by UVa officials; a statement from UVa president John Casteen is expented on Tuesday. The Virginian-Pilot has the story.

Historic Find in Nortonsville

In today’s Daily Progress, Elizabeth Nelson has a fascinating story about a couple’s recent purchase of eleven acres of property in Nortonsville (north of Free Union and Earlysville, near Boonesville, on the northern edge of Albemarle County). The land contains the old general store, a cottage, a farmhouse, “a smithy, grist mill, dairy, barn, cemetery and two schools – one for white children and the other for black children,” with many of these buildings dating from the late 1800s, yet all are in good shape. Some of the wood beams in the farmhouse appear to be recycled from a circa-1600s building and, before that, a ship. Michael Richardson, who owns the property, intends to preserve everything, and even assemble a history of the property. Richardson owns and has worked on historic properties in England and France, some dating back as the 1100s.

Pres. Not Speaking at Monticello

Neither President Bush nor Vice President Cheney will be able to attend the Lewis and Clark bicentennial kickoff at Monticello in January. Monticello’s director of communications (and former managing editor of the Progress) Wayne Mogielnicki says that “high-ranking representatives from the federal government” will be attending. Several area organizations had planned to greet President Bush with protests, so they are presumably now left in the lurch . Kate Andrews has the story in the Daily Progress.

“Place in Art” Appears on Rt. 250

fdr writes: Driving along on Rt. 250 this morning, near the fire station between Meadowbrook and Hydraulic, I saw the sun glinting off a scupture. It wasn’t the Art in Place lions, a quarter mile further down the road — it was a piece, apparently built as commentary on the “Art in Place” art, made from (as best I could tell at 50 mph) shiny pieces of trash. Anyone else see it? Bets on how long it will remain up, if it hasn’t already been removed?



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