Mystery Rainbow?

Semi writes: Okay, not what you normally think of as UFOs, but a strange apparition. I work at UVA Hospital, and the sound of Pegasus coming in caused me to look up, and I saw the most remarkable thing (about 2:45 pm on 11/25 as I write this). A rainbow! But not your typical Hollywood horizon-to-horizon rainbow. This one was almost straight up in the sky and I could see both ends of it, like a big C. It was nearly 180 degrees, somewhere between 120 and 150. It was not a corona (or whatever you call those dark hued rings that appear round the sun); this was a full-fledged prismatic rainbow, bending away from the sun. Unfortunately, in the ten minutes it took me to walk back to desk and get to my computer, it was practically gone. To see it, go outside and look almost straight up, just a little south and east in the general direction of the sun. Did anyone else see this? Any meteorologists on this site who can explain it? Am I just flashing back to the sixties? Curious minds want to know..

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