8 thoughts on “Reservoir Supply at 87%; VA Restrictions End”

  1. Yay! We appear to finally be out of the shortage. C’ville’s overly careful about it, as most places have already done away with some of their conservation measures. Now if they’ll just turn sinks back on…

  2. Since the price of water will be going up even more, this probably won’t make much a difference for many people.

  3. Sure it will – anyone who can afford the higher prices but isn’t rich enough not to have been affected by the restrictions (let’s face it: if you’re Dave Matthews you can just truck in your own water, or wash your car with Evian).

    But of course those who most want the restrictions lifted (middle-class home and business owners) are those whom the City Council of the People’s Republic hold in contempt. And anyway the restrictions are plainly not about need or emergency at this point. Charlottesville: the community run by filthy rich people who can’t stand the fact that middle-class people are better off than poor people.

  4. Just because someone can afford the higher prices doesn’t mean he/she is willing to pay them. And once the restrictions are lifted, businesses will still be paying more for water, and likely passing those costs along to the consumer.

  5. No, we are not out of the shortage. We still have a severe common sense shortage in the management of our water resources.

    Has anyone heard anything–even one word–about plans for new pipes or pumps or dams so this doesn’t happen again? Has anyone heard one word about changing the billing system that penalizes us for conservation? Has anyone head one word about making U. Va. pay its fair share, rather than force us to subsidize wasteful students taking multiple daily showers?

    Personally I intend to look into why we have heard nothing. If it is because they actually are doing nothing, then I am going to start writing letters demanding the current Rivannah Water management be fired.

  6. Oh, come on! UVA provides SO MUCH to Charlottesville (high rent, traffic, etc) that we should be PROUD to subsidize their water consumption. It’s the least we can do.

    Seriously – I also agree that the current water management needs to be canned. They we negligent, in my opinion, and they should pay the price, not us.

  7. We don’t necessarily have to be proud of UVA, but we should be aware that UVA did cut a lot of its water usage during the drought. Sure, some students are too oblivious to realize what has been going on, but most students, and all of the ones I know, have been taking 3 minute showers, not washing cars, etc.

    ***** all you want about traffic, but don’t forget what UVA does bring to Charlottesville. They inject a lot of money into the local economy through sales taxes and purchases, they provide jobs for local citizens through the services they use, they bring in a good amount of tourism dollars and despite some bad apples, the University brings in some good, intelligent people.

  8. i want to see the data that demonstrates that UVA students are any more wasteful than your average charlottesville/albemarlian. i doubt its the case.

    and, in point of fact, the students subsidize much of charlottesville’s services…paying large amounts into the tax base and not taking much out (ie, they pay in, but don’t have children in schools, etc). certainly UVA causes headaches…but charlottesville would not have much of what we all find appealing about it without the university.

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