Mixed Conservation Message

With reservoir levels up to 83.4% and nearly a solid week of rain in the forecast, it’s reasonable to assume that we’ll hit the golden 85% level in the next couple of days and maintain that level for a week, thus ending the water restrictions. (One climatologist thinks that the reservoirs will be at 100% within a month, WINA reports.) Despite this good news, water rates are about to double from their pre-drought levels. This is because the 50% cut in water usage has resulted in a 50% drop in water revenue, requiring that overall 100% increase in price. Thus, there is a direct correlation between consumers’ conservation habits and the amount of money that they must pay for water. In today’s Cavalier Daily, their lead editorial laments this conflict, going so far as to suggest that people ignore the restrictions and increase their water consumption to encourage City Council to lower the rates.

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