No Cars for First Years

Leonard Sandridge has made it official: first-years at UVa will no longer be permitted to park their cars on grounds beginning next fall. Under the current system, first-years are permitted to have vehicles during the spring semester, but not in the fall. On average, 550 of the 3,000 first-years get parking permits in the spring. The change was prompted in no small part by the loss of 475 parking spaces this coming spring, a result of the construction of the new basketball arena. Alexis Unkovic has the story in today’s Cavalier Daily.

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    Okay, that sounds harsh and selfish, but so be it–I’ll take the heat. I’m glad first-years won’t be allowed to have cars on grounds.

    (I’m assuming they’re going to make exceptions for kids with really special circumstances, like a disability or a truly compelling need to drive home frequently, like an ailing parent.)

  2. They’ll still, of course, be allowed to bring cars and park them on JPA, etc., etc. Ye who celebrate, perhaps do so tepidly – this may be more of a shuffling than a relief.

  3. Oh, but they’ll have a hugh monster parking garage on Ivy to use, right! Let them have their cars! Typical! Build a parking garage and then tell people they can’t have cars. Idiots!

  4. Excuse me, but I believe that many of the parking space in the new garage will be for the employees (including many hospital employees). The employees who park at U-Hall will be displaced when the new basketball arena begins to be built. (Also note, I said MANY not all.)

    But I do have a question that has been on my mind with this parking garage thing. Why is Ivy Road considered by the garage opponents to be an ordinary neighborhood-like street? I’m not being malicious but it is marked Route 250 and has many businesses and other commercial properties along Rt. 250 near where the garage is going to be built. You get to I-64 (by way of the bypass).

  5. I think you’re right: we’ll lose spots when the new arena goes up, and the new garage is partly to make up for those lost spots.

  6. Oh no! Does this mean that there will be less spoiled rich kids on the roads of Charlottesville driving the BMW’s Audi and Land Rovers that mommy and daddy pay for? GOOD! Maybe walking to and from class and parties will teach these spoiled brats something!

  7. Let me check here,

    Cville is home to UVa. UVa is a university full of ‘spoil rich kids’. Alright, now we must also be anger to that fact. I don’t understand people. If you recently to Cville, chances are you were aware of UVa being here along with the students. I for one hate reading people’s comments about the students. If you don’t like the fact Charlottesville is home to a ‘MAJOR’ university then I am sure that you can move to Staunton or where ever you can avoid ‘spoil rich kids’. I don’t have a problem with them. They have thier own little part of Cville and chances are you never drive around there in the first place. Let me guess, you have to work downtown. Last time I check, you have various ways of going downtown that can avoid the UVa sector.

    Sorry to rant, I am tired of people stating that the best time of the year is during the summer when there is no students. You choose to live in Cville so deal with it.

  8. Who cares that they can’t drive their first year of college? Penn State, University of Pittsburgh and many other MAJOR universities have implement this rule for many years.

    You must have missed my point. It is not to rag on the students. I just don’t think that is a big deal that freshmen can’t bring their cars to school with them!

    Why don’t you go back to school and learn how to write, and comment on the issue at hand!

  9. I lived near UVa for several years, and never noticed any difference in traffic or parking problems between fall and spring.

    I think this decision is unlikely to make a difference to anyone except the students who have to live twice as long without their cars.

  10. Totally, I went to the UVA bookstore a couple days ago, and I encountered heavy traffic, but only once I got to UVA. They’re a city within a city, they have their own police force and public transit system for crying out loud.

    Where else can you come across a traffic jam consisting of 74 drunk blonde girls stumbling across the street?

    Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

    Mammary Monorail!!!


  11. Since this is what you wrote:

    "Oh no! Does this mean that there will be less spoiled rich kids on the roads of Charlottesville driving the BMW’s Audi and Land Rovers that mommy and daddy pay for? GOOD! Maybe walking to and from class and parties will teach these spoiled brats something! "

    …then I think it’s easy to see why somebody missed your "point." If that was anything other than an overt attempt to rag on students, your point was certainly well-disguised.

    While it’s true that many other MAJOR universities have considerably more severe driving/parking systems than UVA’s, it’s worth noting that many other MAJOR universities don’t.

    One disadvantage to First Year students not having cars is they’ll be able to spend less of their money away from Grounds, which will have a negative effect on the local ecomony. I imagine there are some businesses that will notice a change, even if only a slight one.

    Since you felt compelled to criticize the other poster’s grammar, allow me to point out that you should have written "fewer spoiled rich kids." Also, "BMW’s"is possessive, and you should have used the plural "BMWs" instead.

    People who write in aren’t always English majors, often they may not have been speaking the language all of their lives, and some people just compose better than others. It’s ridiculous to end a response to a reply (especially a reasonable, non-threatening one) with a slam on somebody’s bulletin board grammar, and it’s downright disingenuous to do so when your own usage isn’t textbook-perfect.

    Try to play nice!

  12. I agree with Big Al. You got these guys who are elitest a-holes in the city complaining about UVa this and UVa that. God forbids, someone opposes you. That person decides to knock on the ‘grammer’ of that person. If that guy doesn’t like the traffic, then I am sure he can move somewhere else. Northern Va is nice except for that crazy sniper.

  13. I think by "less spoiled rich kids" he was trying to suggest the same number of rich kids on the roads, but that they’d be less spoiled if they are wandering about on foot or humbly accepting rides from others.


  14. It will make a big difference in university parking lots, in that UVA staff and faculty won’t be competing with first-years for access to university lots. Especially important since the university is losing spots in the big Blue lot near University Hall when they build the new arena. the proposed parking garage as I understand it won’t make up for every lost space.

  15. Why is Ivy Road considered by the garage opponents to be an ordinary neighborhood-like street?

    Because on the other side of Ivy Rd. from the parking garage is one of the larger residential areas in Charlottesville.

  16. Good. I just spent 20 minutes tonight trying to find somewhere to park around the corner. Freshmen don’t need cars, that rule has worked out fine at most other major universities. We’ve already got more cars on the road than we seem to be able to handle, taking a few off won’t kill us.

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