So that’s who we are!

Hoo2LA writes: Charlottesville is certainly a town of conflicted identity – rural backwater, bustling university town, the usual middle-class place, home of the idle rich. To help marketers sort through the mess, has given us exact breakdowns of who lives where and what sorts of people they are. Do you think they’ve got us nailed?

For example, here is what pops up for 22901:

Charlottesville 22901’s most common PRIZM Clusters are:

  • Second City Elite

  • Country Squires

  • Middleburg Managers

  • Boomtown Singles

  • Smalltown Downtown

    The Boomtown Singles like to paint, draw, sculpt and watch the X-Files. They have school loans and make about $35 grand.

    So, which one are you? Keep reading to see’s data on Our Fair City.

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