6 thoughts on “Danielson and Rolph Settle”

  1. The story in the Progress was remarkably information-free.

    What happens to the skating rink?


  2. [sigh]

    I promised myself I would’t post. But I can’t help it, because you’re an idiot. Rolph owns the skating rink, and is keeping it open. If that wasn’t in the story, it’s because it was in story after story after story after story about six months ago. In fact, the ice park’s future was decided soooo long ago that it’s very likely the new settlement didn’t even touch on it.

    If you can do better, start your own newspaper. Prediction: It’ll suck.

  3. <blockquote>

    Rolph said at the local ice park Tuesday that he was pleased that he could now "move forward" on renovations to the park and his other properties.

    Rolph owns the Charlottesville Ice Park … .

    Rolph, who estimates he owns about 10 percent of the real estate fronting the Downtown Mall, said he plans to make improvements to the Charlottesville Ice Park, including glass-enclosed party rooms facing the rink, and is contemplating a new use for the park’s second-floor Water Street Terrace space.


    Apparently, as JMZ so delicately noted, Rolph owns the icepark and is planning on renovating it. All that information seems to be from the Progress story…

  4. Am I using <blockquote> incorrectly?

    You are, it’s just PostNuke’s handling of HTML that’s miserable. It’s an all-or-nothing approach — you can’t just toss in a <b> here and a <i> there. That’s one of my biggest gripe with PostNuke, actually. If you toggle “HTML formated” (sic) in the pull-down under the text field, then you can mark up your whole message with HTML to enable that one <blockquote> pair to function.

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