Murder at Mel’s

At 2am this morning at Mel’s on West Main, 24-year-old Lamonte Carter of Fluvanna was murdered, WINA reports. Details are limited, but the suspect is Robert Leroy Martinez, and he is wanted by police. He’s also charged with the malicious wounding of a 22-year-old woman.

11 thoughts on “Murder at Mel’s”

  1. as many of ya’ll realize, mel’s is next door to the starr hill music hall. this nasty example of charlottesville crime took place right about the time a packed house was filing out after the lake trout show. even scarier: when starr hill management asked city police to have a squad car present the following night, they declined, saying they were too busy. funny how they managed to get six or seven units there after shots were fired in less than five minutes, and couldn’t spare one for saturday. yes, it was a game day, and town was hopping, but we’re talking 2am, you’d like to think they’d be willing to offer some peace of mind. and that they’d want to support and protect what will hopefully continue to be a positively developing stretch of main street, ya know?

  2. gee, this is a shock! A murder at Mel’s on a friday night??? We saw this coming a mile away!

  3. gee, this is a shock! A murder at Mel’s on a friday night??? We saw this coming a mile away!

    I didn’t. Mel’s is a nice place. I was actually one of their first customers, some years ago. Good burgers. Anyhow, if there’s some kind of a crime trend at Mel’s, I sure don’t know about it.

  4. Come on Waldo, you need to get out more! Take a ride on a friday night and be sure to stop into Mel’s about 2am for a burger and you’ll see what I mean..

  5. the streets out in front of Mel’s filled with people fighting, cursing, gunshots. I’m scared to ride throught here on a friday night around 2AM. (friday night seems to be the only bad night)

  6. The last time I walked by it was daylight, and some police shooed me away as they approached a deranged man with a knife.

  7. see now that’s when you really have to be leery of a place, at those times when there is a deranged man with a knife.

    that i can get on board with.

    i think other people would agree. i once ran a small record shop out west that wasn’t taking off at all. eventually somebody told me they thought business was probably poor because of the rabid monkey chained to the front door handle. turns out they were right, i got rid of the monkey and business improved twenty-fold.

    if mel’s is guilty of anything it’s just business ignorance. next time they will know better than to allow a murder.

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