WNRN vs. C-Ville Weekly

There’s been a bit of a pissing match going on between WNRN and C-Ville Weekly in the past few weeks, and it looks like it may not be ending any time soon. It all started a few weeks ago when media critic Kathryn Goodson wrote a piece criticizing public radio (you might remember her story criticizing cvillenews.com last June), which resulted in some defensive letters in the next couple of issues of the C-Ville Weekly. Last week’s issue featured an angry letter from WNRN’s Mike Friend, who took a shot at WTJU (“[a] miserable, play-less radio playtoy”), Goodson (“[an] ignorant twerp”) and issued a thinly-veiled legal threat against C-Ville Weekly. However, the letter was written to the publisher of C-Ville Weekly, not the editor, so it appears that Friend didn’t write the piece to be read by the public. This week’s issue brought the largest volley of letters yet, with everybody criticizing somebody for something, but nobody really agreeing on anything. So what do y’all think? Is Goodson right: is public radio in the area not up to snuff? Should Friend’s letter have been published? Will either side know when to back down, or will this become an ongoing soap opera?

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