Charlottesville Crime Connection

Cecil writes: Apparently Marco Chapman, a man accused of a horrific crime in northern Kentucky built part of his crime resume here in Charlottesville. You can read this story about his entire crime career, but I’ve pasted the parts that are relevant to Cvillians below. Does anyone remember this incident from 2000?

“[Chapman] was still under federal supervision when he was next arrested on Sept. 28, 2000. This time it was in Charlottesville, Va., outside of a popular University of Virginia student bar. According to the case file from the Virginia Circuit Court, Chapman was charged with malicious wounding for beating a foreign student from the university in a ferocious attack. Commonwealth Attorney Dave Chapman, no relation, said that he couldn’t comment on the facts of the case, but did say that Marco Chapman pleaded guilty seven months later to a lesser offense. The plea brought a one-year jail sentence, though the judge agreed to suspend six months of the term. In the hearings leading up to that plea, though, the incident was described in detail. Chapman, who was apparently in Charlottesville with his brother to visit a cousin, was drinking in a campus bar. While there, he and his relatives confronted the group of foreign students after one of them apparently stepped on the foot of either Chapman, his brother or cousin. After bouncers broke up the fracas, all parties were asked to leave because of bar fighting policy.

Chapman and his family members were thrown out, with the foreign students filing out a few minutes later. Chapman’s group was waiting just off the bar property and after taunting them, he attacked.”

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