Corey Faison Acquitted

A jury has found Corey Faison not guilty of sexual assault, WINA reports. Faison, a 22-year-old Albemarle resident, was charged with a bizarre sexual attack of a woman in Free Union. Perhaps more notably, he was beaten during interrogation by several Albemarle County police officers, which was one of the events that created demand for the recent creation of the Albemarle Police Advisory Committee.

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  • Redhead says:

    I’m a little late on responding to this but in the WVIR report, I remember one of the commonwealth’s attorney (or maybe the police) saying that there were other incidents similar to the one that Corey Faison allegedly committed and they all stopped when he was arrested.

    My thought was upon hearing this was, "Well, why didn’t they get any DNA evidence in any of this?" Did I hear this wrong (I never saw anything in the paper but hey) or was the spokesman wrong?

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