Interview with Carl Carter

In today’s Progress, Claudia Pinto has an interview with Carl Carter, perhaps better known as the guy who dresses like a clown and plays keyboard on the Downtown Mall. He can be found nearly every day of the week, tapping away on his keyboard, playing violin or playing with wind-up toys. Says Carter of his work, “It’s very political. For me, it’s about freedom of speech.”

2 Responses to “Interview with Carl Carter”

  • he’s a real nice guy too, if you ever talk to him when he’s "out of character"… which is rare, i’ve seen him do his act at 1 in the morning to a mostly vacant mall.

    ive overheard lots of people ask what’s wrong with him, assuming he’s mentally ill or something… strange, it’s like they’ve never seen a clown before.

  • or perhaps they think all clowns are mentally ill.

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