Richards’ Kitty Dwarfed by Goode’s

The financial filings are in, and Republican Congressman Virgil Goode has it all over Charlottesville’s Meredith Richards in the congressional race, WINA reports. Goode has $430,000 in cash on hand to Richards’ $43,000. It’s been said that this first filing would be important to her campaign, given that potential major donors often hold back until they can see if the candidate’s fund is sufficient that they have a shot at winning. It should be interesting to see the analysis of where this leaves the Richards campaign.

4 thoughts on “Richards’ Kitty Dwarfed by Goode’s”

  1. Goode obviously hasn’t been wasting any money on silly things like professional web design. That site is SO 1996.

  2. The amount of chat since the change has really made a good board a wasteland. The discussions are less interesting. Please bring back anonomous posting: since your UVA troll seems to have chilled out.

    This topic would have had at least 8 to 12 posts in the old days.

    Just one posters opinion!

  3. I think it is rather the annual, summer doldrums which takes the wind out of the sails of all “news” Ė from to the Regress (who headlined on a local politico-softball game, for heavens sake!) to the major news outlets.

    I donít think it is any surprise that there isnít much local news to report. But perhaps you can help us out and go find a local news story youíd like to discuss and then submit it, dear "Anonynous [sic]"?

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