Monthly Archive for July, 2002

Anti-Abortion Protesters in Town

Anti-abortion protesters spent yesterday in various locations around Charlottesville, waving 5′ photos of bloody fetuses and declaring that “Planned Parenthood…destroys Christ.” The graphic approach is part of their Virginia-wide “Face the Truth Tour,” intended to shock people into sympathy with the cause But, said one anti-abortion supporter that witnessed the scene, “I’m pro-life but against this. It’s kind of funny to say you’re for life, then do this kind of thing.” One lone person protested the protesters, waving signs reaading “honk if you love porn” and “free gay porn.” Sarah Bouchard has the story in today’s Progress.

Foxfield: the PSIMBYs Speak

Belle writes: In response to the most recent episode in the ongoing kerfuffle about the semi-annual Foxfield Races, several locals living near Foxfield Races have responded by saying: Please Stay In My Backyard. Their reactions, and more updates, are to be found in today’s Progress story by Peter Savodnik.

Corey Faison Acquitted

A jury has found Corey Faison not guilty of sexual assault, WINA reports. Faison, a 22-year-old Albemarle resident, was charged with a bizarre sexual attack of a woman in Free Union. Perhaps more notably, he was beaten during interrogation by several Albemarle County police officers, which was one of the events that created demand for the recent creation of the Albemarle Police Advisory Committee.

Entergy Bails on Louisa Gas Plant

Entergy Wholesale Operations, who had planned to construct a 1,000-megawatt power plant in Louisa, has abandoned their plans to do so. They were received quite badly at a public hearing last year, and subsequently withdrew their application in early December. It was thought that they would re-file, but it’s now believed that Entergy’s plans are dead. About 30 power plants are still proposed to be constructed in Virginia. Austin Graham has the story in today’s Progress.

Party Down, Mooney-Style

Daily Progress staffer Jake Mooney is leaving the Daily Progress to attend the Columbia School of Journalism. His name is familiar to any regular, and to anybody that pays attention to the Daily Progress bylines. Consequently, Jake’s having a party Thursday night at 10pm, and you’re all invited. It will be held at the Linen Building, the industrial brick building on the southeast corner of Meade and East Market; the entrance is in the back. Extra credit to anybody who shows up with their user name pinned to their lapel.