An Open Letter to the Bastard Who Stole My VCR

writes: To: The bastard who stole my VCR

It was my VCR, you knew it! But you took it anyway! You bastard! You knew it was mine, but you did it anyway! Your VCR was broken, so you just took mine. You could get your own VCR ya know. Or steal one from someone else. but you NOOOOO! You had to steal mine instead.

Whats wrong with you? What if someone stole your VCR? What would you do without your pornographic videos? Huh? Didnt think of that did you? Someone, somewhere, watching x-files reruns on YOUR VCR while you sob pornlessly in the dark! You make me sick!

Its an evil addiction! You had to steal to get your next fix, you’re no better than a crack addict stealing to get his next rock! You’re just a porn addicted 34 year old bum welfare ghetto white trash honkey bastard.

Fuck you guy who stole my VCR. This is the weirdest thing ever submitted to, so I figured I’d run with it. It pretty much continues along this vein.

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