Clear Channel Axes Local Show

Clear Channel has given the boot to 107.5 FM morning show duo Vinny Kice and Brooke Shealy. A week ago today was their final show; instead, the station will now use voice tracking to import a Texas-based Clear Channel morning team, “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,” but make it sound as if the show is local. The FCC is investigating the acquisition, as it’s thought to give Clear Channel an unfair dominance over the local market. The Hook has the story in this week’s issue. For more information on Clear Channel from a more jaded perspective, see the brand-new

9 thoughts on “Clear Channel Axes Local Show”

  1. Unhappy about this? I’m sure that the folks at 107.9 would love to hear your feedback. Give them a ring at 964-1075. Call early, call often. And if first you don’t succeed…

    *Really* unhappy about it? Head on over to to find out about the systematic, borg-like assimilation of local radio into the Clear Channel machine.

  2. Whoops- correction: 107.5 The phone number is correct for Mix 107.5 – Just a typo on the station ID.

  3. Didn’t they boot the previous pair as well? I forget their names, the ones that spent the weekend in the doghouse at Hydraulic and 29 to raise SPCA money?

    Seems like they are mowing through the local talent.

    This new show better be so good that it simply can’t be missed, otherwise 107.5 will suffer even worse ratings as I do not expect Cville to be to tolerant of actions like this.

  4. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to any of that ‘Morning Zoo’ crap. Pure pap, if you ask me (which of course nobody has). But if there must be Morning Zoo-type pap for the Great Unwashed to wake up to, I’d rather it be local pap.

    Hint: you’ll be a better citizen if you listen to NPR’s national news on 88.5 FM in the morning rather than some over-caffinated DJ reading bad jokes off of a cheat sheet. Best of all- no commercials. And no Clear Channel.

  5. Actually, in all fairness, the previous duo, Hal and Naomi, weren’t local. CC imported them from (I think) Alaska, where they actually had pretty good ratings. After 5 minutes you just knew they didn’t have a prayer here, and losing them was one of the good moves CC actually made.

    Note: Vinnie Kice was the morning jock displaced when Hall and Naomi were brought in. When they left, he moved back to mornings. I hope he gets a decent slot somewhere – he’s one of the best commercial djs in town. He’s no Professor Bebop (WTJU), but, well, who is?

  6. what took them so long to get rid of Vinnie and Brooke!!! They were to fake for my taste. Good luck on your wedding Brooke!

  7. I listen to NPR off an on. Their news and humor shows are great, but they do live up to their Saturday Night Live parody with some of their stories during All Things Considered.

    One thing — what is the difference between a commercial and the hosts of MarketPlace saying “GE, we bring good things to life” while playing the GE jingle in the background?

  8. Yes, but is Kidd Kraddock real? Is this the first step towards robotic DJs? Has anyone seen Don Imus, Opie, Mike, Don Geronimo, Howard Stern all in the same room?

    Soylent Green! Soylent Green!

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