4 thoughts on “Account of CHS Attackers’ Sentencing”

  1. The Daily Progress article is inaccurate. Reporter Adrienne Schwisow wrote, “In one of the January attacks, prosecutors said, the now 18-year-old put on house arrest Tuesday announced his desire to hit a woman, then got out of the car and approached a community college student walking alone on Grady Avenue. He and his friend, the 17-year-old girl sent to a detention center, then grabbed her purse, prosecutors said.” That is incorrect. I was at both the plea hearing and the sentencing. Prosecutors did not say that Howard and Merrick got out of the car and then grabbed her purse. They said that Vernon Howard and Candace Merrick got out the car and approached the victim and that then Vernon Howard held the victim while Candace Merrick hit her in the face 3-4 times. Then Vernon Howard threw the victim to the ground and THEN they grabbed her purse. The description written by Ms. Schwisow makes it sound as if the victim only had her purse snatched. Her description does not even match the information in the previous paragraph in the story which she wrote, “Those attacked in January all reported being approached from behind, then pushed to the ground, punched or kicked.”

    If the victim had only had her purse snatched and she hadn’t been brutally assaulted she would probably not be experiencing the nightmares and generalized fear and stress that she now must learn to deal with. Whitewashing the brutal assault that victimized her doesn’t help. The Progress article and the slap on the wrist to Vernon Howard left her angry and hurt.

    The Progress won’t publish a correction or even a letter to the editor pointing out the inaccuracies in the article.

  2. Kevin, just sign your name if you’re going to be criticizing people’s work that personally. Jeez.

  3. i was a victim of the attacks and want to thank kevin or whoever wrote that. the daily progress really pissed me off with this one and since they are too proud to admit that they are innaccurate, it is good that there are people who care enough to publish the truth.

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