Shootout near Garret Square

Will writes: I was just about to fall asleep when a major shootout of some sort erupted somewhere between Garret Square and Avon St. There were a whole lot of shots fired, probably close to two dozen, perhaps more, and it sounded like different types of shots. It lasted a good twenty seconds or so, and there was a lot of screaming and shouting for quite a few minutes afterwards. 911 reports that they’re flooded with calls right now and police sirens just started filling the air. Something seriously bad just went down over there.

05/05 Update:Today’s Progress gives the details. A 21-year-old bystander was shot several times and hospitalized. Albemarle Police arrested two suspects a short time later, charging them with cocaine possession, false identification, reckless driving and eluding police. They have not yet been charged with the shooting.

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