Monthly Archive for May, 2002

Millmont Center Reopens

After being cited with 91 human rights and licensing violations in April, the Millmont Center mental health facility had a grand re-opening yesterday with their new name, The Brown Schools of Virginia. The school is proud that they haven’t been cited with a single human rights violation in three months. Said the company’s CEO, “a name change is a good way to visibly signal a fresh start.” Claudia Pinto has the story in today’s Progress.

Final Superintendent Candidate Drops Out

The Charlottesville School Board has to start from scratch in finding a new superintendent. Last night, candidate James Pughsley accepted the same job in Charlotte, NC, leaving Albemarle’s own Jean Murray as the last (wo)man standing. But Murray, as some cvillenewsers predicted that she might, has withdrawn her application. That leaves the board with none of the three candidates remaining. School Board Chairman Richard Merriweather says that he expects to get a new superintendent by the new school year. WINA has the story.

Paramount Renovations Begin

After years of planning, development work, donations and discussion, renovations have begun on the Paramount Theater. The building next door (formerly Strawberry) is being torn down to expand the Paramount. Plans for the main body of the building are still in development, but will be started on before long. The entire project should be completed in the fall of 2003. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Progress.

New Giant Opens on Pantops

Lafe writes: There’s a new Giant grocery store on the top of Pantops mountain. It’s now providing some very strong and much-needed competition to the Food Lion which previously dominated the local grocery market. In response to this new threat, Food Lion has been improving their image, cleaning up the store, improving customer service, and adding new technology, like self-checkout lanes. Definitely good for the consumer. In addition, Giant has been working so hard at getting customers in the door, that there are an incredible number of specials and deals. Half price specials, buy one get one free, and super discounts galore. Sure it won’t last forever, but it’s fun while it lasts.

With this Giant, Pantops-the-shopping-district now extends far beyond the original Pantops Shopping Center and out 250 towards 64.

Superintendent Selection Troubles

Things aren’t going well with selecting the new superintendent for the city school system. On May 1st, it was announced that there were three candidates for the position, and that an announcement would likely be made by May 6th. The candidates were: Jean Murray, Albemarle’s assistant superintendent for instruction; James Pughsley, deputy superintendent for Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools in North Carolina; and Kriner Cash, superintendent for Martha’s Vineyards Public Schools. Cash, the board’s top pick, rejected the school board‘s offer on Thursday. Pughsley, the second choice, is likely being offered a promotion to be the superintendent of his North Carolina district. It’s hoped that he’ll make a decision soon. If he rejects the Charlottesville offer, that leaves Albemarle’s own Jean Murray. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.