Millmont Charged with 91 Violations

The Millmont Center mental health facility has been charged with 91 human rights and licensing violations. Writes Claudia Pinto in today’s Daily Progress, “the facility failed to prevent residents from engaging in sexual relations, that a male staffer engaged in oral sex with a 15-year-old resident, and that a month after the center opened a full 50 percent of its staff was made up of untrained workers hired from a temporary-employment agency.” Said the director of state licensing services, “they’ve had more violations than we have ever seen.” The sanctions against Millmont require that they improve staffing and patient monitoring, at risk of being fined or losing their license.

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  3. I’d like to echo a comment made earlier under the “Foxfield” subject heading: If this is what passes for serious “discussion of community issues” on, I really don’t see any problem with humorous — if somewhat tangental and occasionally profane — back-and-forths between registered members. Both add the same thing to my knowledge of local news — absolutely nothing.


  4. If this is what passes for serious “discussion of community issues” on

    Of course, you know that it doesn’t pass as that. There are hundreds of threads with far more useful topics of discussion. Threads consisting of nothing but off-topic discussion make me reconsider my current rather-lax approach to moderating posts down as -1 Offtopic. I believe I’ll have to start doing that more often. Which sucks, because then I’m wasting time moderating boards and not posting news, because users don’t have the good sense to control their own behavior.

  5. Has anybody else noticed how often channel 29’s “Job Spot” (brief ads looking for employees) includes listings for openings at The Millmont Center? Clearly, this is a facility that has a high rate of turnover.

    Does anybody have any direct experience working there? What’s the atmosphere like? Why don’t people want to stay there? What should they be doing to improve staffing to put an end to these abuses?

    Harry Landers

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