RSWA Abandons Recycling Cut Proposal

The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority told an overflow crowd at yesterday’s public hearing that they would not be making the proposed cutabacks, including as a $1/visit fee, elimination of some currently-accepted recyclables, and a cutback in hours. However, RSWA still needs to meet their budget for FY2003, which begins July 1st. Another hearing will be scheduled before then to propose another solution to the financial problems that doesn’t involve these sorts of cutbacks. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “RSWA Abandons Recycling Cut Proposal”

  1. Who says it was a mistake? Rich Collins of The Institute for Environmental Negotiations is the chairman of the RSWA. Does he also set the agenda? I wouldn’t be surprised if the choice of Earth Day was deliberate. According to the Progress story Collins was out in the hall BEFORE the meeting telling people that the proposed changes wouldn’t happen.

  2. As usual, a good idea destroyed by mob justice. Why does this always happen around here? The freaking Crown Vic brigades roll in from the Lake and screw everything up. Recycling is a scam and it’s no surprise the city is losing money on it. I guess instead of propping up this failed program directly people will be more happy with just paying higher taxes to support it? Yes, of course, that way it gets zipped right out of your check as opposed to actually having to pay the money up front. At least it will still feel free. God forbid that recycling should end here, Corn Dog Boy might have to get another job.

  3. money money money.. great idea, save your money. Maybe you can spend it to buy us all a new planet to live on.

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