Strange Graffiti

Cecil writes: This is not news, but rather a question: what is _up_ with some of the graffiti appearing just north of town? Read on for the terrifying details…

I’ve seen graffiti-style references to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (I am not making this up) in the following places: on a parked trailer near the intersection of Greenbrier and East Rio and on the side of that small strip mall just north of Kmart on 29 (the mall with the Mailboxes etc. in it).

I have also seen spray-painted renditions of Charles Bronson’s face (I am not making this up) on the backs of street signs that can be seen as you drive southbound past Albemarle High School.

I have to think that these phenomena are related. Please, for the love of God, can anyone enlighten?

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