Strange Graffiti

Cecil writes: This is not news, but rather a question: what is _up_ with some of the graffiti appearing just north of town? Read on for the terrifying details…

I’ve seen graffiti-style references to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (I am not making this up) in the following places: on a parked trailer near the intersection of Greenbrier and East Rio and on the side of that small strip mall just north of Kmart on 29 (the mall with the Mailboxes etc. in it).

I have also seen spray-painted renditions of Charles Bronson’s face (I am not making this up) on the backs of street signs that can be seen as you drive southbound past Albemarle High School.

I have to think that these phenomena are related. Please, for the love of God, can anyone enlighten?

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  1. I can report sightings of “Tom Hanks” graffiti as well. I have also seen the stylized faces of Don Knotts, an ape from Planet of the Apes, and a few others I forget. Most face paintings have been concentrated on W. Main St. The ape, which often appears with the word “Conquest”, is the most prevalent by far. In fact I remember seeing the Conquest Ape graffiti around as long ago as a year, downtown and on 29 as well. Only recently have the new celebrities appeared.

    I realize it is vandalism but I actually really like the look of the Conquest Ape and the Don Knotts art. The other celebrities don’t quite hack it, I think they should focus on quality not quantity.

  2. There’s one on the concrete wall on Monticello Av. (just past the intersection with Avon Ave. towards Downtown) that I’m pretty sure is Bob Saget. That one’s my favorite yet. I totally dig the graffiti, it’s a trip. And I suspect it’s all related to the Planet of the Apes ones that showed up a few years ago.

  3. Give the Progress some credit once in a while for chrissakes! They had a front page piece on the Tom Hanks grafitti and the Charles Bronson and Bob Saget stencils along with interviews with the vandals about a week ago. What really got me in the article was the vandal’s weak attempt at justifying his dumb drivel.


  4. yeah it’s definitely bob saget.

    all of that stuff is terrific, brightens my day.

    businesses don’t seem to be trying too hard to get rid of it either.

    maybe don knotts, damn dirty apes, and bob saget are some things we can all agree on.

  5. as an amatuer connoisseur of graffiti (but not a writer myself), i have to say i think this is brilliant. ive seen so many similar/boring tags thats its kind of refreshing to see a clever one like ‘tom hanks’ (as if that were the tagger’s name or something; i sometimes like to amuse myself by imagining that the actual tom hanks tagged a huge throw-up on the shed next to putt-putt).

    my confidential sources indicate that this is NOT done by the same person(s) who covered the town in ‘Apes’ stencils a year or two ago, but im not able to confirm or prove that statement.

  6. confidential my ass. The quote from the saget,hanks, bronson trash man that the apes guy was different was in the Progress article. It ain’t art, it ain’t meaningful, it ain’t shit.

  7. james, i too love the graffiti. It cracks me up, it’s much more interesting than regular graffiti–hell, whoever’s doing it is performing a public service.

  8. I don’t know, I think that the grafitti is a far better example of art than the Art in Place crap all around town.


  9. > confidential my ass.

    sorry, i hadnt read the article, i was just relaying what i had heard second-hand from local graf kids.

  10. Give the Progress some credit once in a while for chrissakes! They had a front page piece on the Tom Hanks grafitti and the Charles Bronson and Bob Saget stencils along with interviews with the vandals about a week ago.

    I suspect that neither the writer nor I had any idea that the Progress had run that article. Well, I know that I didn’t see it. :)

  11. I think, actually, that it was in the Lifestyles section, not on the front. For what it’s worth, you’re not alone in not reading that.

  12. Let’s not forget the Burt Reynolds down the corner near the hospital. That was the first one that I really noticed, besides the rather famous CONQUEST Apes. Anyone ever notice the big blue ones on the sign on 29 with all of the other businesses?

  13. It ain’t art, it ain’t meaningful, it ain’t shit.

    I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, art didn’t have to be within the dominant pardigm’s definition of what is “tasteful” to be art. It might not be legal, or socially acceptable, but it is whatever the artist creates it to be, or people interpret to be.

  14. You know, it’s just like, wow, art, you know? I mean, wow. art. like, wow. you know?

  15. How about C-Ville gives these two giants of science some payola instead of those rooty-tooty snobs over at “Art in Place”? Their art is idiotic and unispiring. But then I’m not a Communist, so maybe an aluminum tree doesn’t “speak to me” the way it would to your average red-book-toting Charlottesvillian.

  16. I think crack cocaine sucks, and I am from the “Nu Scool” but tom hanks and meg. most likley aront apart of conquest and his plans. thats what turns the “Me-TOO” generation into a floundering fish.
    In other words cv-ill is not the kind of city for low grade art(conquest fits becuse its done right!)but tom and meg is a wast of space. if you want to put up crap like that come down to portsmouth virginia, near norfolk where I live
    Nerds rule!


  17. Actually I must agree with this, the gigantic “Tom Hanks” is bullshit. The face stencils are where it’s at.

  18. I note that next to one of the Tom Hanks graffitis on Hydraulic Road, they’ve written “Few more, then NYC!”

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