Det. Robinson Back at Work

Albemarle County Police Detective K.W. Robinson is back at his old job. Robinson was accused of beating detainee Corey Faison in August, an allegation that was shored up by the release of a video of the entire incident. Robinson was formally charged in December, and suspended from the force simultaneously. In January he was sent back to work, though in a limited capacity pending the outcome of the trial. In spite of that, Chief Miller has placed Robinson back on active duty. There is no policy in place that requires that Robinson’s duties be limited until the outcome of the trial. Detective Robinson has a history of misconduct: he was fired ten years ago by Chief Miller for kicking a man in the face while arresting him, though his job was reinstated by an appeals board. WVIR had the story on their 11pm broadcast last night.

3 thoughts on “Det. Robinson Back at Work”

  1. this is rediculous, and thats all i have to say about it. i probably cant do anything to stop this idiot from being an officer of the law. how unfortunate… ::sigh::

  2. Does the county have a “restorative” justice program for which Detective Robinson might be eligible?

  3. Chief Miller does the majority of his officers and the citizens of Albemarle County a disservice by circling the wagons around assaultive officers. By putting Det. Robinson back on active patrol duty, he and whoever vetted the decision expose themselves and the County to serious liability should the detective again lose his temper while on duty. Esprit-de-corp is generally admirable, but this ill-advised action could eventually be mightily regretted. Det. Robinson should remain suspended or at the least given a desk assignment until his case is adjudicated. If found to have offended he should be kicked off the force. To do otherwise would seriously erode public confidence in law enforcement’s ability to self-inspect.

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