City to Test New Voting System

Come May’s Charlottesville City Council election, we’ll be testing out a new voting technology. The election will be a test case for the use of Hart InterCivic‘s eSlate Electronic Voting System. It’s sort of like an overgrown Palm Pilot, only a little more unusual looking. The highly-portaable devices are entirely ADA-compliant, store and tabulate votes electronically, and are extremely simple to use. They’re available for test use at the Registrar’s Office in the City Hall Annex. The story is from Jake Mooney’s piece in today’s Progress.

3 thoughts on “City to Test New Voting System”

  1. It is my understanding that the Charlottesville Electoral Board had begun the process of investigating electronic machines and the City had appropriated funds for new electronic machines prior to the fiasco of Florida. This money was appropriated in Feb of 2000. The systems engineering program at UVA was a great aid in confirming the desirability of electronic machines and I’m sure that when the decision to purchase the machines is made this group will be duly recognized.

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