10th and Page Shooting Kills Man

An early-morning shooting has left one man dead and one man injured. The shooting occurred in the 10th and Page area. No information has been released about the victim or the cause of the killing. Police are asking anybody with a tip to call Crimestoppers at 977-4000. The story is from WVIR’s 11pm broadcast.

7 thoughts on “10th and Page Shooting Kills Man”

  1. hey, you play the game and take your chances… That’s the lifestyle he chose, therefore he paid for it with his life. Oh, well.

  2. What the heck are you talking about? What game? Do you know something about this that we don’t? Because all I can tell from this is that some guy got shot and they’re not saying anything else. So how can you possibly say he was taking his chances?

  3. Did you catch the recent article in the Progress? You could always go and read this in their web-archive — if only they were profesional enough to keep one.

    My memory is that the victim was from NY, where he had convictions for drug offenses. I think that is “the game” to which the poster refers — and played in area in our town where drug dealing and related violence are not uncommon. Indeed, even the residents of the neighborhood are complaining and asking for tougher anti-drug measures.

    So what bothers you about the first poster’s comments, dear “will”?

  4. oh, Will probably figures the poor guy is a “victim” of society. Maybe we should start a relief fund for the poor soul and hey, maybe another relief fund for the attacker! That seems to be the way people think around here lately…

  5. Dear Anonymous.

    If you had read will’s post completely, you would have seen that he obviously didn’t know any part of this. Nor did I. He was just asking what the first poster knew that he didn’t.

    Dear Anonymous #2, if you had read will’s post, you would also have seen that, and would understand that drawing conclusion’s about will’s opinions would be fairly impossible.

    And both of you should register!

  6. He was just asking what the first poster knew that he didn’t.

    Maybe “will” was, maybe he wasnít. Although it is always hard to tell from text, “willís” tone was a bit inflamed/breathless (e.g., So how can you possibly say he was taking his chances?).

  7. I am registered, but while at work, have to post anonymously. I post regularly under my registered name while on my own time. (Anony #1)

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