NPR on Charlottesville Attacks

writes: On NPR’s Morning Edition yesterday, Adam Hochberg reported on a rash of assaults in Charlottesville, Virginia, by town teenagers on local university students. Some say the attacks are typical town-and-gown tension. Others say race plays into the situation, since the teens are black and the victims are white, Asian and Indian. You can listen to the story here (a RealAudio stream).

6 thoughts on “NPR on Charlottesville Attacks”

  1. Here’s my favorite quote. It’s from 3:42-4:02, and from retired factory worker (and presumably Charlottesville resident) Jim Burton:

    “We really don’t have a problem here. I think what happened here was somebody just blew this all out of proportion. I believe this was just kids being kids. I don’t think they intended to hurt anybody. They were just misinterpreted.”

  2. Here’s my favorite quote . . .

    Jeez — this would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    I’m really afraid that the reporter selected this guy (Burton) and this quote because they were representative of the views of the “committees” crowd. Please say it ain’t so.

    I only hope the courts and (potential) juries see past such nonsense, find guilty those whom they deem responsible, and punish them appropriately.

  3. KIDS BEING KIDS???? GIVE ME A BREAK. It was a vicious attack and should be treated as such. What

    a jerk.


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